What's new in SOFY in November 2020!

Nov 11, 2020 Hyder Ali

October has been busy month to bring you a slew of product updates, many of which came from direct feedback from our customers and users. We welcome your  feature requests or.

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Solving Challenges of Mobile App Testing while Working Remote

Apr 21, 2020 Hyder Ali

The COVID-19 pandemic has for ever changed the way we work and collaborate with each other. There is a belief that working remote will become part of the new normal even after.

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Reinventing App Testing Powered by AI: SOFY Live and SOFY Automate

Mar 11, 2020 Hyder Ali

According to conventional thinking, AI is about automating human tasks that require human intelligence. On the other side, much has been written about how AI eliminating many of.

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7 Things to consider on when and how to Invest in Software Testing Automation

Feb 18, 2020 Jim Rodrigues

During my 25-year career at Microsoft, I had the pleasure of working in Test Management roles for a variety of products and services. Each time I joined a team, I evaluated the.

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The 4 Reasons Why Personalized App Experiences Will Make or Break Retail in 2020

Feb 12, 2020 Eliza Salinieka

In 2019 I found myself ordering pretty much everything online, including my groceries - why didn’t I do that earlier, I don’t think anyone enjoys carrying heavy grocery bags home.

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Why You Should Adopt Automation of UI Testing?

Jan 21, 2020 Hyder Ali

The primary goal of any business is to increase its sales and increase the growth of the business. UX/UI Design plays an essential role in achieving this goal. The UX/UI Design of.

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What do Smart Monkeys, Chess, and ML Powered App Crawlers have in common?

Jan 06, 2020 Jim Rodrigues

As a Microsoft SDET and an Engineering Manager, I had lots of ideas about better ways to create test automation. I think the natural evolution of a tester is that you start with.

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App UI trends for 2020: PANTONE 19-4052 “Classic Blue” Color of the Year

Jan 01, 2020 Eliza Salinieka

Do you feel comfort or even anxious when you see a certain color? My favourite is red, and it makes me feel excitement, energy and intensity, and certainly evokes strong emotions..

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Why is Mobile App Test Automation so difficult? Is there a path forward?

Dec 24, 2019 Hyder Ali

Since joining Sofy, a mobile and web test automation company, several months ago, I have had the opportunity to talk to a lot of Engineering and QA Managers of many of our.

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Can Automated Testing Save us from UX Design Flaws?

Nov 06, 2019 Hyder Ali

A friend of mine was recently visiting a large home improvement store. He needed to use the Wifi, after acknowledging the Terms of Use in the store’s app, he proceeded to connect.

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